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Our Domestic & Restaurant tandoori clay ovens

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PURI Tandoors, the brand you can trust. We have been in manufacturing and retail industry from the last decade and know exactly what our customers want. With years of experience in Tandoor making, we have designed a perfect BBQ Tandoori oven for domestic use. Clay pot with heavy insulation ensures heat retention whereas angled curve at the middle of the belly draws back rising heat back inside the oven. What you get is perfect cooked crispy meat from outside and moist succulent from inside. Buy the best and enjoy BBQ'ing in our tandoori ovens.

Puri's are well established manufacturers of Clay Oven Tandoor in Canada. We are backed with relevant industry experience & required standards for designing Clay Oven Tandoor with modernity but keeping the original basic model in its essence. We offer several models of Clay Oven Tandoor for sale in Canada that suits the varied needs of different customers. Our models are good for every purpose i.e. small, medium, and large restaurants, catering purposes, and also well fit for home needs.

What makes PURI Clay Oven Tandoor unique & best?

Puri's Clay Oven Tandoor has been designed with thorough research & knowledge that makes it stand out as a class product, thus offers unsurpassed quality in the industry and the best value for your invested money.

Offers efficient insulation that further makes the operational cost very low | Easy manageability, portability, and operatability It’s mobile which allows you to take it with you wherever you go, even on small picnics | It's made from special clay which enables it to sustain a higher rate of thermal heating and shock

 We believe in keeping the traditon alive

Puri's cylindrical shaped portable clay oven pots are made from natural and eco-friendly thick layer of clay material which is placed in stainless steel casing. The outer casing material is made from superior quality stainless steel that offers protection from extreme weather. It's aesthetically contemporary look makes it best fit for any location.

Cooking food in Clay Oven Tandoor offers you the most nutritious, flavorful, and aromatic dishes to eat in a simpler form with a traditional touch. You can cook a variety of dishes like smoked chicken or meat or vegetables, chicken tandoori, different loaves of breads, spicy cottage cheese, etc. without losing their nutrients and moisture. The natural insulation and porosity properties of the clay make it an ideal choice of many food lovers.

 Buy clay oven tandoor from Puri's to feel and experience the best of a culinary tour for your taste buds.

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