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Look no further, you are about to purchase one of the best in home cooking that will not only give you chargrilled authentic flavor but also keeps your calories intake low. Create that restaurant quality tandoori flavor meat in our home tandoors and impress your friends and family. The food will not only taste good but with oil free cooking, you are giving healthy food n lifestyle to your family. Make homemade naan bread in under a minute and with our newly launched 3 stack pizza kit, you can have delicious homemade pizza within minutes.

If you've ever wondered how your local restaurant cooks tandoori food so perfectly, the answer lies within the cooking method that takes place inside a clay oven. Make no bones about it, the type of clay that is used in the manufacturing process of a Tandoor is highly specialised. It has to enable the meat to cook at extreme temperatures. Did you know, In fact, the temperature inside the Tandoor can reach 480 degrees Celsius! That's the only way you can get succulent skewers of moist meat cooked within a Clay Oven Tandoor.

Consider the fact that by using our clay oven tandoor, you will benefit from fat free cooking. Once the tandoori oven reaches its optimum temperature (usually within 30 minutes or so) you are ready to place your carefully skewered meats and vegetables within the clay oven. Make pizza, naan bread, your favourite chicken tikka masala & lots more in our domestic Tandoori Clay Oven and discover authentic chargrilled flavour that you have been waiting till now We specialise in home Tandoori oven which are for sale in UK & International markets. With different variants of our models, we have domestic Tandoors which surely will cater to your daily cooking requirements. Buy home tandoor with confidence and enjoy what we call is ‘Ecstasy of Indian BBQ'
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